Sunday, September 19, 2010

I love wedding photos!

I love to look at wedding photos. From the time I was six years old, through my teen years, twenties, and onward (you get the idea), I have absolutely loved wedding photos. Whether I know the bridal couple or not, and usually I don't, there's something so magical about wedding pictures. You're seeing a couple on the precipice of a new life. You're seeing love, hope, excitement...

(photo by Forever Yours Photography, Idaho Falls)

On an ironic note, as I mentioned before, my own wedding photographer was terrible. To be fair, if I had done appropriate research then I wouldn't have found myself in that situation. So this is my recommendation to you: meet with many photographers. Make sure that you not only like their portfolio, but that your personalities jive. Make sure they listen to you.

(Photo by Modern Wedding Photography)

You can fit a great photographer into your budget. If you have a large budget then by all means, fly the photographer of your choice to your wedding location. If not, check out photography blogs, go to bridal shows, try to find photographers who are just getting started but are talented (they'll cost less). And do research. Look at wedding photos on the internet and find poses you like. Take them to your photographer and you're that much closer to getting photos you love.

The wedding photos are what you have left after the flowers have wilted and the cake has been eaten.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

How would you have spent your wedding budget differently?

My wedding was nearly 7 years ago now. I saved money by buying a used dress (of course) and wouldn't change that. I bought card stock for my invitations from a wholesaler and took them to a printing press on my own and wouldn't change that.

We spent thousands on renting the top floor ballroom of a tall building in Des Moines, IA and had a full dinner served. It was delicious and I loved it.
But...we hired a photographer from the area that we hadn't met, but had been referred to through someone else. She was inexpensive, $500 - and she was terrible. She had another wedding booked right after mine and gave us less than an hour of time. And she didn't even take decent pictures! I would tell every bride to spend whatever amount it takes to have beautiful photos to remember your wedding. Everything else will fade, but the pictures you have will be what help your special day live on. Meet with multiple photographers, get to know them and their style, and decide if they can fulfill your desires. Do what it takes to get a great photographer!

The one other thing I would have budgeted money differently for was a deejay. It was so important to me to have dancing at my wedding. I talked to my deejay on the phone and thought things would work out. I should have gone to other events to see how he actually he did. It turned out that every few m inutes of my reception he'd do some self-promoting and just did not play music like we'd discussed. I really hadn't thought one deejay could be that different from the other. I was wrong.

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